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Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Sun Devil Support Network (SDSN)! Register here to participate in our next SDSN training. If you have any questions, please send an email to

This training is focused on providing enhanced training around providing peer support to victims and survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence, if you are interested in other opportunities to prevent sexual and relationship violence please visit our Get Involved page. The Sun Devil Support Network training is divided into three parts, while you are encouraged to take the parts consecutively, you are welcome to take the sessions out of order if need be. Read more about each training session below:

Part 1 - Understanding the Continuum of Violence: Participants leave this training with an increased understanding of sexual and relationship violence perpetration, the culture of violence, and how individual actions can contribute to a community culture where violence is prevented and victim-survivors are supported. Common myths about violence will be debunked and participants will leave with an enhanced understanding of the ASU, local and national resources available to support victims and survivors.

Part 2 - Peer Support: This training leaves participants with an increased understanding of the unique experiences of victims and survivors of sexual and relationship violence and facilitates the development of skills related to peer support, active listening, and more.

Part 3 – Peer Advocacy: This final training builds on the knowledge of past training sessions and develops participants’ skills as it relates to trauma-informed peer advocacy. Such as, resource navigation, trauma-informed advocacy, delivering direct services to victims and survivors, and more.

Please note: There are asynchronous training components that participants are asked to complete, in addition to the aforementioned live training sessions.

As participants progress through the SDSN Training sessions, there is increased access to involvement and leadership opportunities related to victim-survivor support and advocacy. SDSN is not currently applicable to ASU Online students due to the nature of the resource information provided. Please note that ASU immersion students who typically would attend classes at an ASU campus, but are currently engaging in asynchronous course delivery are still welcome to attend an upcoming training.

Staff, faculty, and ASU employees: If you are looking to register for an SDSN training, please visit the ASU Employee SDSN Registration Form.


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