DART Guidelines

All participants must review and acknowledge the DART Guidelines in order to receive services.

Tempe Operating Hours are 7:10 – 6:45 Monday thru Friday

West, Downtown, and Polytechnic campus Operating Hours are 8 AM - 5 PM  Monday thru Friday

Disability Access and Resources Transportation (DART) operates on a scheduled, shared-ride basis for those in the ASU community who have a documented permanent or temporary mobility disability that limits their ability to walk prescribed distances.


DART participants are required to provide medical need documentation from their physician. In order to comply with Federal HIPAA privacy law requirements, you will be required to sign a medical records release which includes the required medical need documentation for your doctor to complete and return. DART supervisors will contact your physician.

  • Emergency Room discharge documents or prescriptions are not accepted forms of medical need documentation.
  • Participants must provide their physician’s full name, office fax number, and the office address.
  • The documentation is sent via a secure fax server and must be completed and received at our office in 8 business days from the date of registration. DART personnel are prohibited by law to verbally contact your physician. If the documentation has not been returned within the time frame allowed, you will be notified by email. It will be your responsibility to contact your doctor and follow up on your documentation.
  • Short term DART access without medical documentation, is available up to a maximum 5 consecutive business days. We will require receipt of medical documentation prior to your continuation of services beyond the 5th day.

DART Service Area Limitations

All DART rides will begin and end at a building, parking lot/structure owned or leased by ASU. The one exemption is the University/Rural Metro station. DART does not make stops at privately held apartments/condo complexes or businesses.

Info for Student Athletes

Due to time and logistical limitations, pick-up and drop-off for all rides to/from practice facilities east of Rural Rd will be at the Dickey Dome.

Scheduling and Pick-up/Drop-off

  • Rides from residence halls, parking lots/structures are scheduled with a “lead time” as early as 30 minutes before your scheduled class begins.  
    • Example: North of Veterans Way or south of Apache is a 30 minute lead time.
    • South of Veterans Way to University or north of Apache and south of Lemon is a 25 minute lead time. Campus core residence halls, such as Hayden, Best, McClintock Halls are a 20 minute lead time.

**Your lead time or any other ride time may be adjusted in order for us to maximize vehicle occupancy. We will notify you when this is necessary.

  • Each building and parking lot/structure on campus has a designated drop-off and pick-up location. Generally by the main entrance. Due to accessibility logistics, there are a few buildings with more than one location. A map noting the locations will be provided.
  • Pick-up times for those going from one class immediately to another class will be scheduled at the time the previous class time ends. You will be provided ample time to exit the building but are encouraged to do so as quickly as possible. 3-4 minutes is the average time needed to exit most campus buildings. All other rides returning to residence halls, parking facilities, libraries or the Memorial Union are scheduled 10 minutes after the class has ended.
  • Your driver may be assigned several scheduled pick-ups at the same time at multiple locations and are generally close together. Depending on where you are on your driver’s route, you could be the first or last pick-up on the route.
  • Our drivers are assigned rides according to the most efficient route. If you are making a destination change due to a change to a class location or going elsewhere after a class other than your residence hall or parking, please let us know ahead of time.  If necessary, we can re-assign the ride to the driver who can best accommodate you.  
  • There is a 90 minute break minimum for anyone who has a break between classes and would like to return to your residence hall or parking location. The 90 minute break is determined by the scheduled time of your previous class to your residence hall/parking to what would be the scheduled “lead time” from your residence hall/parking location. If the time frame between pick-ups does not meet the 90 minute rule, we can take you to and pick you up from the MU, library or take you to the location of your next class.

Mandatory Restrictions

  • DART carts are not equipped to transport wheelchairs, and other larger assistive equipment. Walkers and knee scooters MUST be collapsible and contained within your space when you are sitting in the cart. Crutches are ok.  The rider is responsible for ensuring that the equipment does not extend beyond any part of the vehicle or occupy another rider’s seat space while being transported. Drivers cannot provide physical assistance boarding and off boarding.
  • For safety purposes, riders with a service animal will always occupy the front seat. Service animals must never pose a safety hazard to anyone in the cart or to itself. DART reserves the right to terminate DART access to a service animal if the handler fails to maintain control of the animal.

No-Show and Cancellations

DART participants are required to call when not attending class/work for the day or not needing a particular ride to class due to a class cancellation.

  • Fail to call or miss rides for 2 consecutive days  - DART schedule is permanently cancelled
  • Fail to call and no-show your first ride of the day - All rides cancelled for the day
  • Demonstrates a pattern for being late for rides - Services canelled permanently

Temporary Parking Accommodations

First level structure disabled parking is available for active DART participants. You must have a current ASU parking decal and receive regular scheduled services from DART. The permit must be renewed every 6 weeks and is deactivated when your DART schedule has cancelled.

By checking this box, I acknowledge I have reviewed all the DART guidelines