SCENE – Science and Engineering Experience Application

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Deadline:  August 31 Annually

Important Information

This program is for students who are seriously considering a career in science.  It is not for resume builders. Our mentors are professional or graduate-level scientists working on cutting-edge research. Their attention and the opportunity to work in an ASU lab are valuable resources and are not to be squandered by those not seriously and internally motivated to pursue original research. 

You must be able to spend about five hours every week on your research project, and likely quite a bit more time during spring semester.  You (not your parents, not your mentor) will have to take the initiative to set up mutually convenient hours to work with your mentor.  You must show up at the scheduled times prepared to work on your project.

Please consider carefully your motivation for wanting to participate, and whether your schedule and other commitments make it feasible for you to do so.

You will work with a scientist at Arizona State University who is a graduate student, faculty member, or research professional.  You’ll work in a laboratory at ASU, a field site, or both.  The program provides lab and fire safety training before you begin your work.

Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible for the program.  Admission decisions are final.  Calls from parents asking for special consideration for their child indicate to us that the child is not mature enough to take full advantage of the opportunity the program offers.


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