Fusion on First: Innovation & Entrepreneurial Residence Hall Secondary Application

Fusion on First is designed as a multi-faceted learning community that will help Sun Devils put innovation into action. Students who live at Fusion on First will focus on one or multiple thematic areas (see below). The first three floors of Fusion on First will be state-of-the-art academic space that will bring together many academic disciplines that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Residents will live on floors above the academic area and live with others from various academic disciplines.

Demographic Information:

Thematic Description:

Innovation & Entrepreneurship –focus on a new or improved business, method, approach or cause
Health/Wellness – focus on the health care field and wellness initiatives
Arts & Performance – focus on variety of the arts and performance styles
Global Village – focus on the international world as a single community
Social Embeddedness – focus on relationships between people, equity, equality and society
Communication/Media – focus on multiple mediums, such as radio, tv, social networking, etc.

Please select top three thematic areas of interests

Briefly describe why you chose your top three thematic areas of interests (listed above). What do you hope to learn more about in these areas?
Briefly describe why you want to live at Fusion on First: