Student Coalitions


Coalition descriptions

Student Coalitions act as umbrella organizations for all registered cultural/ethnic student organizations university-wide. The seven identity-based coalitions promote and represent the voice of various cultures within the university.

2018 Arizona State University Student Coalition Leadership Application

Asian/Asian Pacific American Student Coalition (AAPASC) - Asian/Asian Pacific American Students' Coalition’s goals are to help maintain a strong Asian American community within ASU by keeping active with the outside community, and holding campus wide events that display awareness of the Asian Americans at ASU.

The Alliance of Indigenous People (AIP) - The Alliance of Indigenous People facilitates and supports all American Indian organizations on campus and events that advocate cultural diversity on campus and off campus with the Native American community in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Black African Coalition (BAC) - The Black African Coalition is dedicated to uniting African Americans and African students at Arizona State University. Our goals are to: increase enrollment, increase retention, and to increase our presence through positive campus activities.

Coalition of International Students (CIS) -The Coalition of International Students aims at: promoting communication among all international student organizations in order to coordinate and consolidate activities of international students while promoting understanding among the various cultures within the university and community at large.

Africa Rises:
The purpose of this organization shall be to portray, promote and share modern African culture to the diverse ASU community and act as a platform to share a positive image of a continent wrongly portrayed by the media.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association:
The Arizona State University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) is a student organization dedicated to promoting social, intellectual and cultural activities for Chinese students, scholars and any interested members at ASU.

Indian Students Association:
The Indian Students Association at Arizona State University is a non-profit organization for all students from India. Our goal is to promote service and leadership opportunities to students.

Saudi Students Club (SSC):
Saudi Students Club (SSC) is considered the second home for Saudi students in the USA. It represents the history, culture, and traditions of Saudi Arabia to both American and international students at ASU.

Rainbow (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex Queer/Questioning Ally/Asexual) Coalition - The LGBTQA Coalition’s purposes include improving campus climate for the LGBTQ community, organizing resources, services, and support. The coalition connects together in a positive social setting, advocating for LGBTQ interests at ASU, taking action to demonstrate those interests, and engaging our community in the spirit of civic service.

El Concilio (Chicana/o, Hispana/o, Latina/o, Coalition) - El Concilio seeks to unite Latin@/Chican@/Hispanic student organizations at ASU to represent our interests and needs and promote awareness of our culture within the ASU community.

Women’s Coalition - The mission of the Women’s Coalition at ASU is to cultivate an environment that is conducive to the progression and success of women at the university, local and global levels.