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Please review the following information prior to completing your request and email your question(s) to taylormallevents@asu.edu

*Please read carefully as the Taylor Mall policies have recently changed*

ASU Taylor Mall Terms and Conditions of Use

Who can schedule space on Taylor Mall?

Arizona State University departments and registered student organizations may request to schedule space for tabling, informational displays or special events on Taylor Mall.

When can tables be scheduled?

Space on Taylor Mall may be reserved Monday through Sunday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Requests submitted for a University Holiday will be denied. Please check the ASU Holiday Schedule for reference.

Requests must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days prior to your event.

Where can ASU departments and registered student organizations table?

Taylor Mall is the open pedestrian walkway between University Center and the Cronkite Building. Use of Taylor Mall is limited as it is a fire lane, therefore no permanent or temporary structures or assemblies that might impede emergency response may be erected in this space. All activities taking place on the mall should be able to be quickly moved in case emergency vehicles would need to access the buildings.

Spaces 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 are available to reserve for tabling purposes. Please see Taylor Mall Map, Option A for reference. Table location preference can be requested on the Taylor Mall Space Request Form. Taylor Mall spaces are assigned by availability.

If you would like to host an event on Taylor Mall that requires use of ALL of Taylor Mall, please state that under the Detailed Description of Event question on the form and other approved maps will be emailed to you.

Table delivery and usage

All scheduled tables need to be picked up by a member of the tabling group from ASU facilities. Tabling organizers will be able to sign out/in table(s) from the UCENT Building (Location: Enter UCENT Building from the North side (Taylor Mall) of the building and inside the doors on the left side just past the Congressmen’s Office). If tabling organizers would like Facilities Management to assist with set up and tear down of table(s) along Taylor Mall for their reservation, a facilities service charge will apply that is billable to the tabling organizer.

Each ASU Department or registered student organization is responsible for the equipment that has been assigned to them. If a member of a group does not show up to use their assigned table, they may be denied future table requests.

Is there a fee to use Taylor Mall?

There is no usage fee on Taylor Mall for ASU student organizations or ASU departments who pickup and return their table to the UCENT building.

There is a $30.33 per day usage fee for ASU departments ONLY if equipment cannot be picked up by a member of the tabling group. If an ASU department needs equipment put out by facilities, they will need to complete a facilities request after receiving a confirmation email that your Taylor Mall reservation has been processed. ASU departments who request facilities assistance with table set-up and tear-down will incur the fee of $30.33.

Here is the link for the facilities request form if you are unable to pick-up and drop-off your table at the designated location at the UCENT building: https://webtma-support.asu.edu/FDMServiceRequest/Default.aspx Instructions to fill out facilities request if needed:

  1. Click this link and login with your ASU username and password: https://webtma-support.asu.edu/FDMServiceRequest/Default.aspx       
  2. Request Type: Maintenance (ASU Affiliates)
  3. Insert your name and email address  
  4. Location: Downtown Phoenix Campus
  5. Building: Taylor Mall
  6. Leave Floor and Room or Area blank
  7. Under Action Requested,
    b. Copy/Paste the top section of your confirmation email

Special Events on Taylor Mall

The user incurs all permit fees, including fire permits as appropriate for their event. The user is also responsible for any rental costs (i.e. any tables that cannot be provided by the university).

Fire permits for special events

Special events taking place on Taylor Mall may require a fire permit. If the spaces requested are available, the space will be placed on hold for your event and your Taylor Mall Space Request Form submission will be forwarded to the City of Phoenix Fire Inspector. The user will then be connected with the City of Phoenix Fire Inspector for additional paperwork.

Disruptive events

The University Vice Provost’s Office is responsible for scheduling the use of the Taylor Mall area. If a staff member finds that an individual or group is interfering with or disrupting university or university-sponsored activities, he or she will determine whether the activity is in violation of this policy and whether the activity will be allowed to continue or should cease. If it is determined that the activity must be terminated, participants will be informed by a staff member the reason the activity is to cease immediately and participants are to disperse and/or leave university property. For more details, see the website at ASU Student Code of Conduct.


Groups tabling on Taylor Mall are only allowed to distribute or serve food items in original packages that list the ingredients. The university does not permit the sale or distribution of homemade food products. Groups may not sell food items, but may fundraise for donations to their organizations. Departments: Please refer to your own department’s guidelines on which vendors you work with on a regular basis. If you need catering suggestions for the downtown area, please visit the ASU Catering List. Food and beverage must be served in compliance with safe food handling guidelines.


The Downtown Phoenix campus is not equipped to provide anything other than tables and chairs. Many ASU departments use Classic Party Rentals, 602-232-9900. You are not required to use Classic Party Rentals, however they have serviced many events at the downtown campus and their staff is familiar with the facilities. Regardless of who you hire, deliveries cannot be made earlier than four hours prior to your event and must be removed immediately following the completion of your event.

Sales, solicitations and raffles

Only fundraising is permitted on a donation basis. Sales and solicitations are prohibited. Also prohibited is the offering of credit cards, unfair, improper and deceptive inducements, the use of any manipulative, deceptive or fraudulent device, scheme, or artifice including misleading advertising and sales literature, any oral or written representation that suggests or gives rise to the appearance that ASU sponsors or endorses that organization, its agents or the goods, services and/or commodities being offered, and any activity that is in violation of the ASU code of conduct. The Arizona Attorney General has determined that ASU and its departments and administrative units are not permitted to conduct raffles. Please review the Gambling & Raffles page on ASU Office of General Counsel’s website for more information. Certain organizations wishing to conduct raffles must meet specific conditions.

Trademark: Campus organizations making items for their internal use are to use an ASU license. All uses of ASU marks and identifiers must be approved in writing by the ASU Branding Committee, comprising the responsible administrator in the Office of Public Affairs, Trademark Management, or Sun Devil Athletics. University departments and official organizations may use "ASU" in their official operations and may also use "ASU" on products that are part of their normal operations. All manufacturers of ASU goods must be licensed.

University employees and students are not authorized to modify, change, or alter ASU marks protected by trademark. In addition, they are not authorized to employ ASU marks that are unprotected by trademark. Employees and students may not authorize any use of ASU marks without the prior approval of the Office of Public Affairs.

Campus departments and student organizations producing items, having items produced for internal use, or buying goods for resale must purchase the items from a licensed manufacturer, unless a written exception is granted. Student faculty and staff must purchase their goods from manufacturers awarded contracts by ASU Purchasing for all screen printing and embroidery.

Please refer to ASU PUR 701 for more information.

I agree and understand the terms listed above
I agree to pay the usage fee if my group cannot pick up and return tabling equipment and request that ASU facilities pick up and return equipment for me.